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I charge €150.00 for a Professional Headshot Session

Professional Headshot session


The headshot is an essential element of a performers portfolio social media and web sites has increased the need for a headshot that projects the professional personality of the actor, model, musician, dancer , etc.

This type of Headshot also appeals to the person that wants a different style of Portrait.  

The charge includes:

  • Visit to Studio or location to select the best style for the session 
  • Pre-session advice on Styling Hair Clothes
  • Advice and choice of Makeup Artist
  • Professional Photography Shoot as many images as necessary 
  • Post session consultation and advice on image editing
  • Post production: editing - cropping - colour balance
  • E-mailing a selection  of web quality proof images.
  • Suppling  a selection of 1MB up to 10MB images files on CD
  • Advice on Images file sizes for Web and Print.




I charge €80.00 for a Test Headshot Session



This 'Test shot' session is based on my experience working with model agents in London, Dallas and San Francisco. The concept is for the subject and agent to explore their 'Look' without make up. The test headshot is ideal for anyone how wants to see themselves as they are. This type of shot  has become very popular for profile pictures on social media.

The charge includes:

  • Pre-session advice of clothes and styling.
  • Professional Photography session up to 100 images
  • Post session consultation on poses and 'look' 
  • Post production: editing - cropping - colour balance
  • Suppling  a selection of 1MB up to 5MB images files on CD

My portraiture works because, quite simply, I enjoy photographing people.


My years of photographing performers in London, Dallas, San Francisco gives me the ability to put my subject at ease so they can achieve the image that will work for them.

Please contact me to review my work and allow me a quote on a session.

   Andrew Kohn