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The professional headshot/business portrait.

Social media and web sites has made business headshots essential for  business people

The profile picture has become a major tool for business and the use of Profile Picture is of prime importance.

I specialise in the corporate portrait and I have a package that I would like you to consider.


This is an example of a typical headshot session

The Business Headshot


Business Headshot

I am charging €150.00 set-up for a Social Media Profile photo session 

The ‘set up’ charge includes:

 Visit to Office or location to select the best area for photo-session

 Pre-session advice on styling Hair Clothes (casual and formal etc)

 Studio Quality Photography Lighting at your location 

 E-mailing a selection  of web quality proof images.

 Suppling  a selection on 1MB and 5MB images

 Advice on Images file sizes for Web and Print.

I will then charge €30.00 per person to a maximum of 25 people in a Day

A Post production fee of €50.00: image - editing, cropping, colour balance


My portraiture works because, quite simply, I enjoy photographing people


My years of technical expertise enables me to light, with modern strobe equipment, my subject to studio quality.This allows me to relax and interact with my subject to achieve a natural portrait. This is the style of portrait that works on the web.

Please contact me to review my work and allow me a quote on a session.

Andrew Kohn Photographer.

+353 (0) 857598474


According to Ellen Gunning in her book ‘Public Relations A Practical Approach’ a company should have 3 business portraits of the each of the important members for Public Relations.

These images would be used of press release to the media. Social media and web site has made business headshots essential for  business people