I’m Andrew Kohn.        


I’ve been a photographer for half a century.


I chose photography to avoid studying Economics. I knew the 1960s streets of London and bedsitter life  was a better education than the cloistered halls of a University.

I found, as a photo-printer, apprentice, and a diploma in photography that, photographs are the best way to communicate.

I have worked, for over five decades, as a freelance and studio photographer in Europe, the United States, and Canada

The challenge of a photograph is to show a Subject that will engage the viewer. The skill and talent behind my images, aside from 50 years of technical expertise, is problem solving. I enjoy solving problems that occur shooting a studio still life or location photography.

I am gregarious.

Photographing People is my passion whether Headshots, Street or even Bodyshots.

'My ability to interact with my subject gives the best images'


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I have been a professional photographer all my working life. My skills and talent developed working as an assistant photographer in 1960s London, and at Ealing School of Photography
These abilities enabled me to live and work in major cities in Europe (Dublin, London, Amsterdam and Berlin) and North America (Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Oakland, Vancouver. Kelowna). The expertize I acquired working for such diverse clients has made me a highly competent creative photographer.

Problem solving is the key to my photography. I have ability to identify the problems (creative and/or technical) and I have the expertise to solve them.

You will see from my images that I still have the same passion for photography that I had years ago.

Specialties: Headshot Photography, Public Relations, Fashion. Traditional Film Photography, Black & White Photographic Printing, Digital Photography, Adobe software: Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.


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